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A postolic Camp International (A.C.I.) is a family-centered program grounded in the truth of God’s word and committed to the development of faith and fellowship. We strive toward continuous improvement in our service to the Apostolic community and understand that we can do nothing without the faithfulness of God and the support of our partners. We look forward to another year of unforgettable memories that are created at Apostolic Camp International and welcome your partnership as we continue pursuing our mission through God!

Since its inception, A.C.I. has served through a team of outstanding volunteers to achieve the mission of taking Apostolic Youth to a Higher Dimension. Annually, we work to develop programs that create lasting change in the lives of our campers and ultimately secure the integrity of the Apostolic legacy. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the staff of Apostolic Camp International. Please let us know how we can make this experience better for you. We are determined to exceed your expectations this year!

Dwayne Stewart
Camp Director



  • Cheryl Page
    Cheryl Page Director


Facilitates the administrative functions of Apostolic Camp International. This arm of the team provides support to the overall program by performing administrative duties which may include: calendaring and personnel management, meeting and event arrangement, report and data preparation.

  • Marva Hare Morris
    Marva Hare Morris Administrative Coordinator

Events Planning

  • Danica Mamby
    Danica Mamby Director


Facilitates the coordination and oversight of event planning activities at Apostolic Camp International. Their tasks include logistical planning of the week’s activities, KinderCamp for campers’ ages 3 to 9, recreation, alternative recreation, excursions and Bible quiz.

  • Emanuella Dorgera
    Emanuella Dorgera Event Planner
  • Chantal Laneau
    Chantal Laneau Recreation Assistant
  • Robert Laneau
    Robert Laneau Recreation Coordinator
  • Nemoya Ramcharan
    Nemoya Ramcharan Trainee
  • Shanika Scott
    Shanika Scott Event Planner
  • Sandra Small
    Sandra Small KinderCamp Coordinator
  • Nicholas Stewart
    Nicholas Stewart Web Developer & Support Specialist
  • Paullet Symes
    Paullet Symes Trainee

Finance & Accounting


Facilitates the fiscal operations of Apostolic Camp International by providing accounting services, contract execution and development support. Their tasks include managing all our campers account as well as the financial aspect of the operation through budgeting, reporting, contracts and negotiation.

  • Annette Taylor-Spence
    Annette Taylor-Spence Director
  • Merlene Kelly
    Merlene Kelly Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Caroline Lawrence
    Caroline Lawrence Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Michelle Thompson
    Michelle Thompson Director of Contract & Negotiations

Guest Services

  • Vernice Horton
    Vernice Horton Director


Facilitates the service aspect of the Apostolic Camp International program through hospitality. This arm of the team recruits and coordinates volunteers for the following areas, first aid, security, ushers, altar workers, and airport and hotel transportation. Through this arm, each attendees experience is managed to maintain and assure quality.

  • Dwayne Brown
    Dwayne Brown Transportation Assistant
  • Kadi-Ann Brown
    Kadi-Ann Brown Camp Safety Officer
  • Sheldon Gunter
    Sheldon Gunter Transportation Assistant
  • Paul Jackson
    Paul Jackson Camp Safety Officer
  • Marilyn Shakes
    Marilyn Shakes Hospitality Associate
  • Marcia Spaulding
    Marcia Spaulding Altar Worker Coordinator
  • Peach Ann Wright
    Peach Ann Wright First Aid Coordinator

Marketing & Promotions


Facilitates the development and distribution of promotional material for Apostolic Camp International while monitoring relationships with its affiliates. Their tasks include creating marketing communications in various media formats which reflects the brand of ACI, implementing marketing strategies and efforts, managing ACI’s social media platforms, web development and conducts targeted outreach to ensure the program is creatively represented to the target service area.

  • Doran Francis
    Doran Francis Director
  • Roshane Ricketts
    Roshane Ricketts Social Media Specialist
  • Nicholas Stewart
    Nicholas Stewart Web Developer & Support Specialist
  • Typhanie Stewart
    Typhanie Stewart Marketing Communications Coordinator
  • Peta-Gaye Whyte
    Peta-Gaye Whyte Social Media Specialist & Registration Assistant

Media & Technology

  • Raja Pinnock
    Raja Pinnock Director


Facilitates all multimedia and technological functions of Apostolic Camp International. This arm of the team provides technical support to the overall program by providing software, networking, data management and audio-visual support. They are also responsible for maintaining the integrity of the programs’ deliverables through multimedia outlets.

  • Kirk Evans
    Kirk Evans Network & Technical Support Specialist
  • Kareem Miller
    Kareem Miller Trainee
  • Nicholas Stewart
    Nicholas Stewart Web Developer & Support Specialist

Registration & Lodging


Facilitates the registration and lodging needs of all attendees to Apostolic Camp International. This arm of the team is responsible for housing assignment, counselor training and assignment to campers’ ages 10-17, roundtrip transportation from Miami, Florida to the camp venue and data reporting. Should you require further information or any assistance with registration email us at registration@apostoliccamp.org.

  • Kanece Trim
    Kanece Trim Director
  • Sharon Cushnie
    Sharon Cushnie Head Counselor
  • Gabriella Drummond
    Gabriella Drummond Trainee
  • Keisha-Boyd Gunter
    Keisha-Boyd Gunter Registration Associate
  • Kyendae Pinnock
    Kyendae Pinnock Registration Associate
  • Peta-Gaye Whyte
    Peta-Gaye Whyte Social Media Specialist & Registration Assistant
  • Wayne Williams
    Wayne Williams Head Counselor

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