The Ministry


Our mission is simply to promote unity and fellowship among apostolic youth internationally. To foster the growth of young people; educating and equipping them to achieve their full potential in the Kingdom of God. We seek to develop apostolic youth spiritually, intellectually, and socially.


In 1999, thirty Pastors from the South Florida region came together and gave birth to a new vision and a new concept; Florida Apostolic Camp (FAC). Florida Apostolic Camp was a one-week summer camp geared towards fostering unity and the spiritual development of apostolic youth.

What began as a summer event for South Florida churches has grown into a summer tradition for many churches throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and United Kingdom. In 2001, it became clear that the effects of FAC far extended the locale; it was no longer a Florida camp. Consequently, the name changed to Apostolic Camp International (ACI) as did the ministry focus, which expanded to include younger children as well as the older generation. For campers between the ages of three and nine, a KinderCamp was developed and we have expanded our curriculum and daily activities to cater to families and singles as well. Apostolic Camp International provides a dynamic camp experience that is relevant to all ages.

Apostolic Camp International continues to grow, and is now a part of many churches summer plans. Our mission is still the same, “Taking Apostolic Youth to a Higher Dimension”. We accomplish this by providing programs that will aid in their spiritual, mental and leadership development. It is our vision that at the end of each camp, we have planted seeds that will grow into a new generation of apostolic spiritual leaders.

Our goal is to position young people to be world-changers by equipping and empowering them to demonstrate Christian values, character, holy living, and a respect for God, themselves, and others. Throughout the years, thousands of young people have had the Apostolic Camp experience. Each year our campers return home and begin to display positive changes in their local assemblies. Long after camp has ended the impact can still be felt; long after the cost of camp is forgotten the fruit of camp is seen in the lives of the young people. Your youth, singles’ and family ministry can be a part of this life-changing ministry.


We give campers the opportunity to be a part of a one-week program that is family focused, but retains a strong emphasis on youth ministry. Hence, we welcome participation from all age groups. Our camp seeks to develop individuals spiritually, intellectually, and socially.

There are three main elements integrated into the week’s activities: Day Sessions – which allow for in-depth study and discussion in small groups based on age; Evening Worship – where the entire camp joins in worship and The Word of God is preached; Recreation – which promotes fellowship and fosters team building through healthy competition.

ACI provides participants with a quality camp experience. Our goal is to create the appropriate environment as we challenge our participants to experience God more intimately. We also provide ministry opportunities for those who desire to serve.


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